Child Support

When your family circumstances change in a divorce, it is important to understand how child support options may affect you. At the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania law office of Saltzgiver & Boyle Family Law Attorneys, you’ll find experienced child support lawyers who can show you how Pennsylvania child support laws may affect you, and guide you through your legal options.

Under Pennsylvania law, determination of child support is related to issues such as the income of both parents, whether they are employed or unemployed, the time the children spend with each parent, child care costs, the mortgage payment, your child’s healthcare needs, and special needs such as private schooling. We help parents understand Pennsylvania child support guidelines and can help you assess what you may owe or receive.

Our experienced attorneys take a great deal of care in helping clients with their child support needs. As a small firm, we work individually with each client to help them reach child support solutions that are a good fit for their family. We place great emphasis on communication and we will talk with you throughout your case to make sure that you get the representation you deserve.


When your circumstances change, speak with a lawyer regarding changing your child support. At Saltzgiver & Boyle Family Law Attorneys, we help families make modifications to support orders. Our attorneys work with families in many different circumstances and can help you develop a plan that suits your needs.

Out-of-State Support

We are also knowledgeable about how the law affects divorcing couples and families when one spouse has moved out of Pennsylvania. It is often important to work with a lawyer regarding these matters, as the law can be complicated.