PA Divorce

At Saltzgiver & Boyle Family Law Attorneys, we know that divorcing couples often experience a wide range of emotions and legal concerns. We treat each one of these concerns as unique, lending our expertise to help you achieve your future and financial goals. Our skilled Harrisburg PA divorce attorneys help you make the decisions that are best for you, assisting you through every step of your divorce.

We handle many different types of divorce cases, from uncontested divorces involving few assets to divorces with many complex property issues. As a small law firm, we work with each client as an individual and flexibly tailor our services to meet their needs. We are committed to finding the best solutions for our clients. We are knowledgeable about the collaborative law process, and other alternative means of conflict resolution. If we think that alternative methods will be in the best interests of a client, we do not hesitate to pursue those methods.

Our lawyers are also experienced Pennsylvania divorce litigators. We work hard to prepare our cases for trial. Being prepared for trial encourages the successful settlement of our cases and helps us bring about the best result for our clients.

Your Children: Child Support, Custody, and Visitation

We have years of experience helping divorcing couples address the needs of their children. Our skilled attorneys take every action possible under Pennsylvania law to help you and your children achieve your child custody, visitation, and support goals. We also have relationships with counselors, therapists, and custody evaluators who assist us in helping your family.

Knowledgeable Spousal Support (Alimony) Attorneys

Divorcing couples often have questions about how Pennsylvania law affects their alimony situation. We can help you understand Pennsylvania spousal support guidelines and give you perspective on how much you may be eligible for or how much you may be required to pay. We are also experienced in assisting couples with APL (alimony pendente lite) to meet their needs in the time between filing and finalization of a divorce.

Asset Division Lawyers Tackling Complex Issues

How can I protect my partnership or business interest? Will I get my share of our investments? At Saltzgiver & Boyle Family Law Attorneys, we determine where the key issues lie in your case and work to help you make sure your assets are divided equitably under Pennsylvania law.

Although we handle divorce property and asset protection issues of all sizes, we have developed a reputation as a law firm that is knowledgeable about complex asset division. Complex divorce cases are often referred to us by other attorneys. We deal with many cases involving complicated tax issues and business interests. At our law firm, we take an approach tailored to your specific needs. We have established relationships with accountants, actuaries, business evaluators, forensic accountants, and other experts to help us prepare the strongest case possible for our clients. We can go in-depth into your tax and business law issues, analyzing how the law will affect things like your family business, your home, your pension, and your investments.