Preserving Your Assets & Moving Into The Future

Are you concerned about maintaining your lifestyle after divorce in Pennsylvania? It goes without saying that a divorce can cause inconveniences, problems, and many adjustments in your life. For many people, their greatest concern is how their divorce will impact their lifestyle. Divorcing men and women often ask themselves…

• Can I maintain my existing standard of living?
• Will I be required to pay spousal support or child support? (Or will I be able to receive either or both of these?)
• If there’s a disparity in income between me and my spouse, what does that mean for spousal or child support payments?
• What will happen to our home or other real estate, our bank accounts, investments, business interests or other marital assets?

Unfortunately, these concerns cause many couples to remain in unhappy marriages out of fear of one or both spouses losing their current lifestyle. Fortunately, the courts consider lifestyle when determining the outcome of a divorce.

Equitable Distribution & Lifestyle

In Pennsylvania, the courts consider the standard of living each spouse has become accustomed to during the marriage, including money spent for the primary residence, vehicles, jewelry, clothing, artwork, vacations, second homes, and more. But the courts also consider other important factors, such as…

• Each spouse’s initial contribution to the marriage OR the assets each spouse brings to the marriage.
• Which marital assets are available for division.
• Whether either spouse is entitled to spousal support.
• The length of the marriage.
• Who served as a homemaker during the marriage.

The First Step To Maintaining Your Lifestyle In Your Post-Divorce Life

Although there will likely be aspects to your life that will require adjustment, it is possible to structure your divorce and your life after divorce in such a way that you can continue to maintain the lifestyle you’re accustomed to. At Saltzgiver & Boyle, our lawyers work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients, both in the near-term and in the future.